Fuck Cory Gardner

Fuck Cory Gardner

Time to re-election:

    Cory Loves Murderers

    Cory Gardner with mass-murderer, Rodrigo Duterte

    Cory meeting with human-rights abuser/mass-murderer, Rodrigo Duterte

    % Vote with Trump:

    How Cory has Fucked You:

    Who Owns COry Gardner?

    Oil & Gas, Big Banks, Telecom, and other special interests are dictating how Cory votes.

    Cory Gardner Campaign Contributions

    Am I a Paid Protester?

    No. That's a ridiculous thing to say. In fact, that seems like something you would say to try and delegitimize the "fire hose" of calls that are coming in to your office.

    What Can I do to Fuck Cory Gardner Back?

    Will this work? Probably not since you can't recall federally elected officials. But it sends a strong message for 2020.

    He may think you're a "paid protestor", but he can't ignore the consistent influx of calls coming in to his office on every issue.

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